This site is dedicated to exploring the theological and spiritual ideas of Catholicism and their cultural implications. We are all called to live the sacramental life of the Church in the midst of the hubbub of everyday life. This is our path to holiness and sanctity.

The Magisterium of Sacred Tradition is a pillar to our faith, so…  let’s blog the Catechism!

“But the task of authentically interpreting the word of God, whether written or handed on, has been entrusted exclusively to the living teaching office of the Church, whose authority is exercised in the name of Jesus Christ. This teaching office is not above the word of God, but serves it, teaching only what has been handed on, listening to it devoutly, guarding it scrupulously and explaining it faithfully in accord with a divine commission and with the help of the Holy Spirit, it draws from this one deposit of faith everything which it presents for belief as divinely revealed.” (Dei Verbum, 10)


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