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70. The Centrality of the Blessed Virgin Mary
69. Gabrielle Bossis and the Intimate Life of the Soul
68. Holiness and the Sacramental Life – A Review
67. Kecharitomene
66. Holy Land Pilgrimage
65. The Intercommunion Controversy and Exodus
64. Gaudete et Exsultate Impressions
63. Holy Confidence in God
62. The Divine Mercy Sunday Promise
61. The Woman and the Two
60. Saint Polycarp, Heresy, and Lent
59. The Antichrist and the Temple in the Christian Mind
58. St. Thomas Aquinas and the Culture of Life
57. “The Snake and the Rosary” of St. John Bosco
56. Purgatory and the Communion of Saints
55. The 100 Years War: The Church and Communism
54. Cardinal Sarah’s “The Power of Silence” Amidst the Noise of the World
53. The Only Thing that Matters
52. Mary and the Great American Solar Eclipse
51. Rethinking Contraception and the Way of Life
50. The Chaplet of Divine Mercy in St. Faustina’s Diary
49. Holy Thursday and the New Commandment
48. Fatima, Marriage, and the Theology of the Body
47. The Liberating Power of Fasting
46. A Meditation on the Theology of the Face
45. God’s Presence in Confession
44. The Dignity of the Human Person
43. The Sanctifying Humanity of Jesus’ Incarnation
42. Our Supersubstantial Bread
41. A Few Observations on Therese Neumann, Laywoman, Mystic and Stigmatic
40. Jesus and the Fulfillment of the Jewish Fall Feasts
39. The Burning Passion of St. Francis
38. The Holy Name of God
37. We All Need Leisure
36. St. Irenaeus and the Gnostics
35. Blessed Anna Maria Taigi, Housewife, Mother and Saint
34. The Blood and Water of the Sacred Heart of Jesus – Article
33. The Blood and Water of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (long version)
32. Trinitarian Life of the Family – Article
31. Trinitarian Life of the Family (long version)
30. Running to Win the Spiritual Race
29. Christianity and the False Dependence on Mithraism
28. One in the Eucharist
27. The Octave of Easter, Divine Mercy Sunday
26. The Lord of the Rings and the Eucharist
25. Matthew 24, Josephus and the Preterist Apocalypse
24. 100th Anniversary of Fatima – article
23. 100th Anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima (long version)
22. Examining Our Consciences for Lent
21. The Incarnation of God into Our Lives
20. The 3:00 Hour, the Hour of Divine Mercy
19. Didache, The Teaching of the Twelve Apostles
18. Nightly Examination of Conscience
17. Divine Filiation and Ordinary Life, St.Josemaria Escriva
16. Rahner and the Mysticism of Everyday Life
15. The Sanctifying Humanity of Jesus
14. Christ’s Infinite Knowledge and Consciousness
13. Confirmation, the Sacrament of Spirit, Strength, and Combat
12. The Mystical Body of Christ
11. Laborers in the Vineyard (the Vocation of the Laity)
10. Baptism, Initiation into the Common Priesthood
9. The Sacrament of Divine Mercy
8. Pray Without Ceasing: The Liturgy of the Hours
7. Pray Without Ceasing: The Morning Offering
6. The Second Transubstantiation, One in the Eucharist
5. Consoling the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Part II
4. Consoling the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Part I
3. The Theandric Nature of Christ
2. The Extraordinary in the Ordinary
1. The Common Priesthood of the Faithful